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GorillaSoft is a business automation company; Software Developers and Product Design Engineers with a History of Product Development using Touch Screen computer solutions. We make, write and manage computers solutions to automate and improve creative businesses. Our Lockdown software GorillaMedia provides security and remote operational management and assistance. We support projects from conception to grave and often manage every aspect of new product development.

GorillaSoft supply the know-how and build the tools which allow you to drive your business from any PC or smart phone. We are specialists in Interactive Touch Screen Interfaces and Windows Security and Lockdown but also have proven skills in implementation of biometric verification, transactional cashier-less self-service solutions, Building control and energy management systems. We also manage Windows Servers and SQL Server Database including installation and configuration and ongoing database management. Our client projects often involve development of complex tailored solutions to evolve business and reduce staffing and IT budgets.

GorillaMedia® is one of our signature Software Application Suites; it secures, protects and prevents violation of your Windows computers including your applications. GorillaMedia can freeze your computers hard drive to deliver repeatable "sessions" so that each user session is just as fresh as the first.

Call us now we like to talk technical or just about solving some problems you may have.

email us or call 0208 6380666.

GorillaSoft is a Nekoti Company

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